made by machines

of late there has been a rise in AI generated art, this exciting new medium has inspired us to create this website to showcase our creations of which have literally been 'made by machines'


our voyage into ai generated art begun with the MIDJOURNEY system which is now in open beta. if you're interested in creating yourself head over to MIDJOURNEY and register for a free account, all you need is a webbrowser and a discord account (also free)


if you'd like to see how we created some of this amazing art, click on a gallery image and then click (i) and it will show you the prompts we used to create the image you see

have fun :)




the gallery

here are a bunch of images we have created using ai bots or 'made by machines', if you click on an image it will open the lightbox, if you then click on the (i) button it will show you the prompts we used to create the image itself... hope you like them :)

got root?


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aI art therefore i am


together with our friends over at we are in the process of developing a 44 page, full colour, hardback, coffee table book full great images created by AI bots.


this book should be ready to go in the next few weeks and we can't wait to share it with you all


if you're interested in our book please fill in the contact form registering your interest and we will drop you a line as soon as it becomes available (expected fall 2022)

rise of the machines

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